Where to Register

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Where Do I Register for My Wedding Gifts?

Anywhere you desire. Anywhere. Really! The wedding registry business has become huge and everyone is getting in on the act. This makes is so easy for you and your wedding guests because the vast amount and availability of gift registries just makes it so.

Recently with the advent of the internet, the online registry business, which puts the wedding gift registry, and buying them, a mere mouse click away, also benefits both you and your guests with ease in online gift registering. This can be especially helpful when your families are located across the country and your guests list is assembled from all parts of the nation.

    Gift Registry Location Ideas

  • All Major Department Stores
  • Building Supply Stores - such as Home Base, Home Depot or Lowes
  • Hardware Stores - either local hardware stores or specialty hardware stores like Ace or Revocation Hardware
  • Sporting Good Stores - like Sports Mart, Sports Chalet, Big Five
  • Upscale Gardening Stores like Osh and Hawken or local nurseries
  • Mortgage Lenders - believe it or not registering for contributions to a down payment on a house are becoming ever more popular
  • Travel Agents - for the honeymoon or another recreational trip afterward
  • Home Furnishing & Accessory Stores- Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Eddie Bauer Home Stores, Pier One, Ikea, Strouds, Linens & Things
  • Online Registries - There are a number of internet websites that offer convenient online registry features


Consider the emotional impact of integrating yours and mine into ours, a merging of two distinct styles and values into one. If he sat down to a formal Sunday dinner every week of his life before he met you, he will have much different views to the absolute necessity of formal china than yourself, whose family might have managed to eat together during the Sunday movie night with paper plates and plastic forks. Suggest to take inventory and resolve preferences before your wedding gift registry is initiated.