There is More to Invitations Than You Thought

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What about all the other terms and items that are associated with invitations? Below are some of the explanations about common terms and items that you’ll probably encounter while shopping for your invitations.

Seal and Send Invitations: This type of invitation is mailed to guests as a single-folded piece of cardstock. This type of invitation doesn’t require an envelope. Have the respond postcard attached to the invitation by a perforation for easy removal. Because the respond piece is actually a postcard, you save on postage for the return mailing. Normally the cost for this product will include seals, a printed return address on both the back flap when initially mailing the invitation, and on the perforated respond postcard.

Announcements: For those who will not be invited to your wedding but you would still like them to be informed about your marriage, you can mail out announcement cards. These can be printed on the same paper as your invitation but are mailed on your wedding day or immediately after with the wording stating that your wedding has already occurred.

Reception Cards: If there isn’t enough room on your invitation for details of your reception or if not all the guests will be invited, separate reception cards can be ordered to match your invitations and then be included as an insert. Keep in mind that this card could add to your mailing cost since postage is based on weight.

Respond Cards: These cards are important to you for planning for your dinner and reception since an accurate guest count will be needed for food and seating arrangements. The respond card and its mailing envelope will be inserted with your invitation. Remember, include a postage stamp on this small envelope which also has a mailing address printed on it so all your guests have to do is fill out the card and send it back by the date you have printed on it.

Map Cards: These are a convenient way to direct guests who might not be familiar with the location of the church and/or reception