Steps to find your Diamond

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The Diamond - A Precious Stone

When buying something precious for that special person, it is not just the amount of money spent on that item that sends a message from the heart but the sense of caring enough to take the time to select the perfect ring or diamond jewelry piece.

That is why some people spend time to find and select a beautiful diamond as a treasured gift. The style and elegance of anyone who owns this amazing piece starts from a careful task of selection, decision making, and designing the piece.

Buying diamond jewelry should start from scratch. It is recommended to buy a loose diamond stone rather than a pre-designed and finished piece set in jewelry. This allows you to see how the diamond piece is cut and designed from step one and lets you make sure that it will not let your loved one down when she puts it on. Diamond value is determined by the four Cs: color, clarity, cutting, and carat weight. With a loose diamond stone you can ask the jeweler for all details in regards to those specifications.

Find the Best Diamond Properties:

  • Carat weight - ask to weight on a digital scale
  • Color – Do a comparison with two to three diamonds on white paper under a white light
  • Clarity & Cutting - ask for a wider selection from the jeweler

Steps to Finding Your Diamond:

Do window shopping with jewelry stores you feel comfortable with.

Keep in mind some stores have sales people in them that know as much about diamonds as you do.

Ask the jeweler how long have they been in business? How many years in selling diamonds? Where do they buy their diamonds? Do they cut the diamonds? You want to know your jeweler knows alot about the diamonds they sell, their differences and not just out to make a sale. Other questions you can ask the jeweler is for their professional opinion of how to select diamonds; for example, what is the difference in pricing of the stones?

Keep your budget in mind consistantly. Avoid “Emotional Buying.”

Make a 4 C's list of the diamond stone pieces you are interested in and decide which one to go for. I would recommend that out of all of the 4 C's, clarity then cutting is the best choice to go for. Only a nice sparkling diamond would shine the best when it sits either on her finger, wrist, neck, or ears. The carat weight or size doesn’t really matter. It is better to get small diamond with high quality clarity than to get a large diamond with no sparkle.

After you select which diamond stone you would like to buy, remember that this diamond you selected is like a human, they have their own face and character. No two diamonds will ever be exactly the same. If the diamond you selected has been certified by an international institute such as G.I.A. (Gemological Institution of America), H.R.D. (Hoge Raad voor Diamant or Diamond High Council), , or I.G.I. (International Gemological Institute), ask the jeweler for the certificate when you pay for the stone or keep its copy. This will be very helpful to make sure that you will get the same diamond you selected after being set into jewelry pieces. Also see if they will provide you a “Complimentary” Certified Appraisal Document (refer below).

Think about how you would like the diamond presented on her, as a ring, as earrings, bracelet or as a pendant for the design. Simple designs will last longer.

Give the jeweler enough time to create a master jewelry piece for you so that this will give you and her a cherished memory when you hand it to her. If possible inquire if you can observe jeweler at his handcraft. This will ensure that your getting the same diamond stone you selected.

Once finished, verify the diamond against the certificate to make sure that you have got the same diamond stone that you spent time selecting.

Now, wait for the special moment to happen and give this precious diamond gift that you have spent time to select. Later on, you can share the process you have been through as a story your generations to remember.

This seems to take a long time but in reality, this shows how much you care for the person you would like to give it to. Some actions speak louder than words.

Ask for Complimentary Diamond Appraisal

Most jewelers should provide you with a free certified appraisal document with your diamond purchase. If not, it's best to purchase an appraisal while there and put it with other important papers at home incase of loss or theft. You will need one for your home insurance company at time of claim. Also retain your purchase receipt with appraisal if similar price. As a special note its hard to get an appraisal on a lost diamond stone so keep receipt either way. Other wise your appraisal should be enough as proof of purchase value for estimated loss. It has been known to cost up to a $50 dollar fee for an Appraisal Document so if you are provided a “Complimentary” Appraisal you have found a good jeweler and one who wants your return business. Knowing this you probably will.